Friday, August 4, 2017

Never drop the ball on your second sock again

Do you love handknit socks?

I love socks!

The type of socks doesn’t matter. I love them all...short ones, long ones, plain ones, fancy one, cuff down, toe up… it doesn’t matter.

But I hate making them because I hardly ever finish the second sock.

Yep, I get wicked second sock syndrome.

Maybe this sounds like you:
... You find a new sock pattern you want to make. You go through the process of picking out just the right yarn. You start knitting and it’s exciting, and sexy… in the beginning, just like when you meet a guy and start a new relationship, right? You sit down to cast-on. Your eyes are shining, your heart is all aflutter, everything is perfect.

Then after a few days you hit a stumbling block. You get stuck somewhere along the pattern, you make a mistake, the frustration set in.

The glow begins to fade on you sock WIP like that not-so-shiny new boyfriend that comes over and leaves the toilet seat up! All that exhilaration you felt when picked out the yarn and started the sock is diminishing.

Sock knitting anxiety sets in. You can’t get ahead.

There is a kind of shame that goes with all those sock WIPS piling up. You have too many yarns, an overwhelming stash, and you’re feeling the guilt of starting but NOT finishing a complete pair of socks.

The truth is, you want to finish and wear those darn socks. You want to proudly roll up your pant leg to show off your fibery masterpiece and say I MADE THESE!

I want that to be me. I want to be that weirdo that pull up my pant leg to complete strangers in the grocery store to show them the socks I knit.

…And I want to do that with the Cranberry Harvest Socks. Have you seen those socks? OMG, they look amazing, and I don’t want to end up with just one completed sock.

Knowing myself pretty well, I know I can’t do this by myself. After sharing my desire to make the Cranberry Harvest Socks and the inevitable shame when I don’t complete the second sock, my yarnie buddy Ashlee over at Smashlee Stitches came up with the brilliant idea of doing a knit-a-long (KAL) together. The idea is that we will knit the socks together and provide support and motivation to help each other complete the pair. (Side note: I’m pretty competitive at times. Ashlee doesn’t know this, but even though this isn't a race I’m gonna win, hehehe.) Because the bottomline is that we drop the ball on our knitting projects and having someone on the journey helps to prevent those languishing WIPS.

So, I thought this would be fun to have you join us as well as we support and motivate each other on this journey to finish these socks.

If you don’t want to just start socks that never gets completed. If you want to start and FINISH a complete pair of these Cranberry Harvest Socks, join us in the KAL.

Here are the KAL details: 
When: August 13, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

Where: Ravelry Group (I Like Knitting and I Cannot Lie)
Post your yarn choice, in progress photos, chat, give and seek support and motivation.

Where to get the pattern: The Cranberry Harvest Socks are available in the August 2017 issue of I Like Knitting Magazine 

If you finish your Cranberry Harvest Socks (a complete pair) by September 30, 2017, you qualify for a Random Drawing.

Yarn and patterns (details to come). Be sure to join the Ravelry Group to get details as they become available.

Until next time... Stitch on!
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