Thursday, November 29, 2018

Win as best gifter this holiday season with these best sellers

Hello crafty friend,

It's getting close to that time of year. Our Olympics or marathon where we're stitching like mad to get those last minute scarves and gloves knitted and crocheted.

You might not be thinking this way
cuz you're a good person, but I want to win this holday season.

I want out of all the daughters-in-law to give my mother-in-law the BEST gift this year with that handspun, handknit shawl.

I want the other moms at my son's school to
drop dead with envy when I roll in with my gif of hand-crochet scarf and bath set.

Too much!?!

This year I am in it to win it and if you are looking at knitting and crocheting your gifts this holiday season, be sure to check out the KnitDesigns by Tian Ravelry store.

I've combed through my patterns to see what are the best sellers this year and it turned out the list is pretty giftable!

Here are
4 patterns that are sure to please this Christmas morning.

Please note: Automatically receive a 20% discount if you purchase 4 or more patterns that are available from my Ravelry Shop. You must purchase all 4 or more patterns AT THE SAME TIME in ONE transaction by placing all 4 or more patterns in your cart before you check out (no code needed). Remember, ebooks and collections are not included in this offer.

1) Top left: Arisaema Shawl
2) Top right: Keora Shawl
3) Bottom left: Brightwood Hat and Mitts
4) Bottom right: Harwinton Easy Lace Boomerang

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Thank you for your continued support!

Until next time... Stitch on!

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