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Pattern Writing 101 Course: Write and publish your first (and your next) knit and crochet pattern with confidence

UPDATED 9/07/16

Here's what one designer had to say about Pattern Writing 101 e-Course:

"I wasted so many hours, reading every thread in Ravelry forums, confused and spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to write up my design ideas. I found the Pattern Writing 101 eCourse. I took a chance and registered for the first course and so glad I did. She showed me what I needed to include in every pattern, how to write for the skill level of the knitters I want to design for. She pushed me to beyond what is safe and what I think I want to see what I really want and can do. Before Pattern Writing 101 I was just stumbling around seeking answers. Now I feel confident and reassured that I can write up my design ideas, and confident my patterns are clear and worth selling because I have a solid foundation for writing up my design ideas, every time. The best part is that now I am not afraid to call myself a designer." ~ Confident Designer Boss

Are you struggling to figure out how to write and publish your first pattern? You might have been scouring Ravelry Forums, reading comments from other knit and crochet designers, searching interwebs, trying to collect all the advice into one cohesive plan, but getting nowhere. I have created a 4-week course to help you, Pattern Writing 101: Write - and publish - your first (and your next) knit and crochet pattern with confidence, every time! 

This new course is the most comprehensive training on how to start pattern writing. If you ever thought about designing - and publishing - your own patterns, Pattern Writing 101 can help you make it a reality.

The Pattern Writing 101 course is weekly lessons straight to your inbox that gives you hands-on guidance with actionable steps so you don't have to waste time, stumbling around the internet on your own. It’s a simple and comprehensive blueprint to help you to write patterns you are confident about and build the foundation to publish all your future patterns.

Write better patterns.

The 4-week course consist of templates, checklists, and various other action packed exercises designed to help you start - and publish - your first (and your next) knit and crochet pattern with confidence, every time!...

The good news is this: you don't have to show up anywhere live. You will receive the lessons straight to your inbox on Sundays, with a follow-up email on Wednesdays filled with answers to questions, tips, and motivation to get you to the next lesson - for a total of 8 lessons - over the course of 4 weeks. And once you sign-up and complete the course, you will have lifetime access to me to ask questions as you continue on your design journey at no additional cost.

At the end of the course, when you follow along with the course material, you will have a fully written pattern ready to publish on Ravelry. Take the first steps to writing and publishing your first knit and crochet pattern with clarity that people will want to download and make.

Just know this: enrollment is only open for 2-weeks or until all slots fill. I expect to fill-up early and slot fill up fast, so if you are interested, don't delay

Listen, I have been where you are right now. You have all these ideas swirling around in your head that you want to get on paper and share with your friends. You see other designers with success and you know you can do the same. But you don’t know where to start. 

I know how many questions can pop up when it comes time to put pen to paper and start writing the pattern. You think there must be a code you need to crack. 

The truth is, pattern writing can be overwhelming. Where do you start? There are A LOT of forum threads floating around the online designer space, which can make it tough to figure out which advice to take. It can be challenging to know which advice will help you move forward from where you are. It is frustrating to decipher what order to go.

I get it!

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is Pattern Writing 101 right for me if I have never written a pattern before or have only written a couple patterns?
Answer: Absolutely!
Pattern Writing 101 is best suited for knitters and crocheters just starting out or has a couple patterns under your belt. We will cover all the basic fundamentals of pattern writing to more advance techniques of how to infuse your own style and voice into your designs.

Question: Will you teach me how to come up with design ideas?
Answer: No.
This course is to cover how to write up your designs to share.

Question: Will I be able to skip ahead each week?

Answer: No.

This course is a marathon, not a sprint. Lessons are sent out on Sundays with a mid-week follow-up email to answer student questions and will include tips and/or motivation.

Some lessons will be very heavy and will take some time to complete. 

Question: What will I learn after going through Pattern Writing 101?

Answer: You will learn so much…

By the end of the course you will have a pattern template, a checklist, and a completed pattern ready to send off to tester, get tech edited, and publish on Ravelry.

Question: Does Pattern Writing 101 comes with hands-on help?

Answer: Yes. Everyone gets hands-on help. But please note the amount of hand-holding depends on the level you choose to join at. 

If you choose the Course Plus option, you will have unlimited email access to me throughout the course as well as me reviewing and tech editing your finish accessory pattern at the end of the course to give you that final push and confidence boost before you hit publish. 

Question: What do I need before the course starts?

Answer: A design already completed with notes ready to write up the pattern. 
If you have a pattern written already, you can use that as a guide through the course. 

Question: How does the Pattern Writing 101 course works?

Answer: You will purchase the level of the course that best suits your need.
Starting October 2nd, you will receive email lessons straight to your inbox each Sunday with a follow-up email each Wednesday answering questions, filled with tips and motivation.

Question: I've taken a lot of courses. How is this any different?
Answer: This is more than a course. It's part learning, part mentoring, and lots of tough love.
I will guide you step-by-step through writing a clear pattern that you will be proud to share and knitters and crocheters will want to make.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation for crafting pattern instructions, your way. Plus, you will have the tools and know-how to recreate patterns, every time. 

Question: What if I am not ready to buy yet?
Answer: That’s cool. I get it!
Do me a favor though. Find someone, a mentor, in the knitting and crochet community and schedule a weekly coffee meeting with them. In this meetup you will get your designing and publishing questions answered. Promise me that at least.

Question: I'm not sure I can afford this. Do you guarantee results?

Answer: No, I don't make guarantees. But here's what I've done to make your chances of success as high as possible. In addition to the course material, I also offer email support through out the course so that you can get your individual questions answered.

We know this course can work for you if you do the work and put it in place, piece by piece

Question: This is a big investment. I can find everything I need online for free. Why you and this course?

Answer: Yes to all. This is a big investment and I don't ask you to register for the course lightly. Of course you can find answers to just about anything online. With this course, I systematically lay out the process in a manner that is repeatable so that you can use the skills and knowledge acquired here for every pattern.

With this course, everything you need is in one place. At the end of the course, you will have a complete plan for creating and writing patterns. 

Question: Am I ready for this?

Answer: Take a leap forward in your designing. Yes, it is scary. Even for me.
Thinking you need more time and more experience wont get you to where you want to be. You have to take action. Read what past students have said about the course below. You got this!

               Course Plus
Course Only ($75)                 Course Plus ($100)

Don't wait until 2017 to starting publishing your designs. Have your first knit and crochet pattern written and up on Ravelry before Thanksgiving. 

You don’t have to try to figure out on your own how to write – and publish – your first (and your next) pattern with confidence. 

Here’s what Pattern Writing 101 covers:
How to create a basic style guide.
Pattern writing techniques.
Information on what to include in a complete pattern.
Bonuses include templates, checklist, and advice. 

Here’s what you get when you purchase Pattern Writing 101:
Course Material – 4 weeks (8 emails) straight to your inbox.
Pattern Template to get started right away, as well as a checklists to use when writing - and publishing – every pattern.

BONUS: You will receive a bonus lesson (How to grade a pattern using MS Excel) if you register by September 8, 2016 11:59PM EST

The difference between the Course Only and the Course Plus options is me tech editing your finished accessory pattern. In both options you will have email access to me throughout the course. With the Course Plus option, I am will tech edit one accessory pattern before you hit publish (note: must have pattern and emailed to me within 2-weeks of the end of the course).  

If you purchase the Course Only option and later decide you need to upgrade for a tech edit, please email me prior to the end of the course.

Which course option is best for you...

Course Only: Weekly lessons with templates, checklist, action items, homework, etc., straight to your inbox - $75

Course Plus: Weekly lessons, PLUS unlimited email access, tech edit of one knit or crochet accessory (have to use within 2-weeks of course completion) - $100



"Tian’s course really gets down to the nitty gritty of pattern writing . Besides the fine tune details, you really get to look in yourself and figure out who you are as a designer. What do you want to achieve?  How far do you want to go?" ~ Smashlee Stitches
Click here to read Ashlee's entire review!

"Thank you for the tough love.  You've offered up some great strategies and I'm excited to get them organized into a plan that I can implement over time.  I really appreciate the pep talk--it's just what I needed to hear :)"

"I am truly a very satisfied customer!!!"

"I can’t think of anything you didn’t cover in this course – it was quite comprehensive!"

"Thanks so much for your course and encouragement.  I'm well underway for a 2nd pattern with a couple more ideas fomenting following that."

"Thank you for your encouraging words!!  You can't know how much they mean to me."

One Last thing
One last thing. Can you give me just 30 seconds of your time? I know you are super busy and your time is precious, so I will make this quick.

You’ve told me that you want to write your own patterns. That you have written a couple patterns and you feel like you are just flying by the seat of your pants. I recently opened up enrollment for Pattern Writing 101, and I noticed you didn't join.

No hard feelings, of course. But I'd like to learn more about how I can help you. So, if you can fill out this short survey, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Take this short survey

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Until next time... Stitch on,

Tian Connaughton
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