Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to store your knits and crochets

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It's time to put your knitting and crochet away.

It will be getting warm soon… Yay! Well, any day now. The last few days in Massachusetts has been less than stellar. The sun has been in hiding and the rain is making its presence felt, hard, particularly in parts across the country. Prayers goes out to those in Texas and Mid-West hit with the brunt of these storms.

With warm weather to make its arrival, soon, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with those cold weather hand-knit and crochet project. Yep, any day now, that sweater you’ve been throwing on, you will need to pack away. So, what do you do to get your woolies ready for storage?

Vacation Knits-Vol 1Well, three things really:

1)      Check your woolies.

        Don’t get grossed out, but there are little critters that love your hand-knits and crochets as much as you do. You want to go through piece and check for any evidence of moth. It’s the baby moths – the larvae – that we need to really worry about. They are the one that loves to eat your woolies. Don’t get freaked out about moths. I know you’ve heard horror stories about moths ravishing a knitter’s entire stash. While I think it happens, I think it doesn’t happen often and with vigilance - in your woolies and yarn - you will be just fine.

2)      Wash your woolies.

        After you’ve checked your woolies for moth and larvae, you want to sort them to wash. Separate them by color, and maybe fiber content, then wash as you normally would. If there is a sunny day coming up in the calendar, that’s the day I would do my washing so I can put out in the sun to dry, using a sweater drying rack, or just towels out on the ground.

3)      Store your woolies.

        Now that your woolies are thoroughly dry, it’s time to give them one last pet before you put them away for the season. Now, where will you store your woolies. Some people use giant storage bags, plastic bins, or in drawers. For me, I store my hand-knits and crochets with my regular winter items in storage bins. I don’t use moth balls or any other chemical moth deterrents because those can damage the fibers and stain your clothes. Some knitters and crocheters use cedar blocks in their drawers and storage bins as a natural deterrent.  

KNitDesigns by Tian
So, there you have it. This is what I do when I transition from winter to warm weather - if it ever gets here - and need to put those Lopi sweaters and bulky hats away.

What do you do? Did I miss anything? How do you get your knits and crochets ready for storage? Leave a comment and share your process.

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