Thursday, May 19, 2016

What kind of knitter and crocheter are you?

So, I wasn’t going to write a blog post this week because I didn’t really have anything I felt I needed to say and I don’t want to waste your time or mine just putting out a blog just for the sake of it. But I just listened to Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe podcast and my mind is spinning. I am so inspired by the episode that of course I have to share what I learned with you because that’s kinda my thing!

Maybe you’re familiar with Chalene and her work. She is an amazing podcaster and teacher, and a leader in the fitness (PiYo) and online marketing/entrepreneur world. Even if you are not particularly interested in either of these topics, there are a ton of life lessons to gain from her show.

Anyway, in the latest episode of Build Your Tribe, Chalene hit on a topic relating to entrepreneurs (4 types of entrepreneurs and which one are you?). This topic can easily apply to knitting and crocheting. For example, 4 types of knitters/crocheters and which one are you? See how easily I twisted that mindset around from entrepreneurship to knitting and crocheting?

The 4 types are:
1)      Doubter – interjects self-doubt into everything, no matter what.
       2)      Perfectionist – needs to be 100% perfect before going forward; needs definitive answers.
3)      Jumper – full of self-confidence and don’t worry about failing at something because they can always change course and do something else.
4)      Soldier – are not easily distracted and can finishes despite distraction.  

KNitDesigns by Tian

So, who are you? What kind of knitter and crocheter are you?

Are you a Doubter? When it comes to your knitting and crochet, are you constantly filled with doubt and lack self-belief? When it comes to the project on your hook and needles, are you a non-believer; that it might not work out? You might email the designer to ask tons of questions about what yarn to choose, what color might show the stitch pattern best, and what size might fit you? You have a hard time choosing a project because you doubt your ability to complete it, thus, you stick to what you know works without branching out of your comfort zone to try something new. If any of this sounds like you, then you are a Doubter.
Mentzelia Shawlette, knitdesigns by tian
Mentzelia Shawlette
Are you a Perfectionist? When you are working on a project, are you paralyzed by perfection? You are more worried about getting it right rather than getting it done. You are afraid to make a mistake or failing, which results in you never getting anything done? You are a Perfectionist!
Are you a Jumper? Do you have a ton of WIPs hanging around in various stages of undone? You quit your current project with maybe only a few rows to go in order to jump on to the next shiny object. You are confident that you can do anything, so you go from project to project without following through to the end on any of them. You have a chronic case of startitist; you will try anything and start many things, but you are not good at finishing them. You, my friend, is a Jumper.
Are you a Soldier? Soldiers are finisher. They get tasks done. You are a Soldier if you have more FOs than WIPs. You see all the shiny new patterns but you are not distracted by them. When it comes to the latest and greatest new pattern, you have blinders on. You have laser focus on only your current project to completion. Only then, when your current project is done you will go on to the next project. If this sounds like you, you are a Soldier.

Maybe right now you are a Jumper or a Perfectionist, but that doesn’t have to be who you are tomorrow. You have the ability to change, to become a Soldier; the kind of person that sticks to a task and get things done.

Until next time...Stitch on!
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  1. Interesting article. As a crafter, I'm a Jumper. I have no fear about new techniques and patterns and if I get stuck, I'll go to something else for a while. However, as a designer I'm a Perfectionist. I struggle to get designs out there because I never feel they're ready.

  2. Thanks Carmen for sharing. It's interesting to self-identify as aa Jumper in one space and a Perfectionist in another space. I think for a lot of us, we are primarily one type and that carries across all spaces. I guess my question for you is, based on the description of each, are those characteristics you want to be associated with? Being a Perfectionist is going to be hard for you to really put out the designs you want because the truth is, they will never be perfect!