Friday, March 30, 2018

"I haven't sold a knit pattern in 6-months. Help!

You haven't made a sale in 6-months.

You have 5, 12, 23, 171 patterns for sale on Ravelry.

You run sales, offering massive discounts.

You post on Instagram.

You boost posts on Facebook, spending $5, 10, $25...

You've tried everything the gurus say to do. And NOTHING is working.

The problems are that you are trying everything.You are hearing new tactics and trying them without creating a strategy to tie all the tactics together. You try a tactic for a few weeks, nothing happens, so you go try the next thing. You lack consistency because you are just flying by the seat of your pants, following gurus that are not in your industry and are sharing tips that doesn't necessarily work for knitwear and crochet designers.

And that is what Pattern Launch Plan can do for you - showing you how to create a strategy that brings in consistent sales so you don't have to keep releasing new patterns in order to make a sale. 


Now, you have 2 simple choices to make:
1) continue for another 6-months as you are without a sale
2) you give up!

Your designs are fantastic.

They deserve to be see. But you're not excited about designing anymore because knitters aren't favoring, queuing, and knitting your patterns.

"What's the point?"

There is one other option you can make:
Get the Pattern Launch Plan (Print or Kindle) and start selling your patterns. NOT just one or two a month but MORE patterns, consistently.

Do you want to go through another 6-months without a sale? YES?! Close this post and move to the next funny knitting video.

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The Pattern Launch Plan walks you through easy and practical marketing strategies from before you hit publish - to build anticipation so that when the pattern goes live you already have eager knitters ready to buy - all the way to what to do weeks and months and years after you release a pattern to keep making sales.

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Until next time...Stitch on

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

I went a bit crazy... I blame it on the yarn fumes 💕


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So, this Sunday I attend Stitches United in Hartford at the Ct Convention Center. I had the opportunity to work the Knit Picks booth and O.M.G., it was amazeball. Beyond being able to hang out with the Knit Picks' team, I was able to play with the yarn and talk to knitters and crocheters about yarn, patterns, tools, and most fun, their projects. 

I so wish I could go to the Knit Picks' warehouse in Ohio and go all Scrooge McDuck in their yarn vault. If they don't have a vault of yarn I can dive into and swim around, don't tell me. Ignorance is bliss.

Of course, when you go to a yarn show, you have to get a few things. I was very restrained...

A show like Stitches is so inspiring. You see so many designs you've admired on Ravelry in real life so you can see how it fits normal bodies. Being in the Knit Picks booth gave me a different perspective which just being a shopper walking around the show. It was great seeing all the beautiful knit and crochet shawls, colorwork sweaters, and the cabled hats up close. It's talking to the dad and his son about needles. It's chatting with a mom about her little girl's yoke colorwork cardigan, turning the piece inside out to see the crochet steeks and floats on the inside. Also, talking to a knitter about her upcoming project and helping her select the perfect yarn so she can go home and cast-on for the swatch.
Overall, it was an amazing experience. Thank you Knit Picks for allowing me to step into your booth and share my love of all your yarns and notions. 

I blame it on the yarn fumes.
Now, you didn't think I left the show empty-handed did you. Yes, I'm such a yarn piggie. Don't tar and feather me in the streets. I plan on sharing with you... so stay tuned!

Not only did I get yarn, I got some tools that I've been dying to try, like the Options Interchangeable Mosaic Knitting Set. I haven't used wooden needles in the since my early days of learning to knit and did not like it. These wooden needles are smooth and knits like butter... what held me back so long. I also got the Onyx Swift to go with my new all white workstation in my home office. Here are some pictures below.

I know you've been to yarn and fiber shows. Leave a comment below and let me know - what did you like best about the show? Do you like testing out new products or getting old faithful's at these shows? Let me know.

Until next time... stitch on
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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ansonia KAL 2018

Hey Knitters,

Did you hear about the ANSONIA KAL (knit-a-long)?

I will ne running a KAL for the Ansonia Shawl in conjunctions with Hampden Hills Alpacas. The KAL starts March 31st and run to April 22. 

How to participate?
Knit the Ansonia Shawl using any Artisans Yarns yarn - the pattern requires 2 skeins of either Creé-Ah’s breath or Alpaca Silk DK but you can use any Artisans Yarns yarn. Next, create a project page, and post photos of your finish object in the project page using hashtag AnsoniaKAL for a chance to enter a drawing at the end of the KAL.

There will be three winners drawn from all the FO posted.

Prize 1: A skein of Creé-Ah’s Breath in color of your choice
Price 2: Any pattern from KnitDesigns by Tian's Ravelry store
Prize 3: A project bag

Sounds good?

Get the pattern and a 20% OFF discount here (don't delay, the coupon code ends April 4th)>>>

Get the yarn here and use coupon code ANSONIA1 for a 10% discount>>>

This is going to be so much fun!

I hope you will join us.

Post your progress all over social media using #AnsoniaKAL. We want to see what yarn and color you are using for your Ansonia Shawl.

Until next time... Stitch on

Thursday, March 15, 2018

ANNOUNCING: Pattern Launch Plan (PDF book) is AVAILABLE (details inside)

Pattern Launch Plan (book) is officially available and now's the time to get your copy!

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I am looking forward to going on this journey with you. It will be an experience that will take you far.

Talk soon,

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wondering if Pattern Launch Plan is right for you?

Are seriously thinking about how you can make more consistent sales with your design, then check out Pattern Launch Plan?

When I was just starting out with my designs, I had the same fears and doubts as you do.
Maybe you're not sure if you're cut out to be a designer.

Perhaps you feel you don't have enough skills, or experience, or support.

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You might be thinking you are not ready yet!

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Here is a bit of what you will find in Pattern Launch Plan (video). Watch it here.
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Talk to you then!

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Unsure if the Pattern Launch Plan is right for you? Check out the FREE guide, Pattern Launch Plan Roadmap, before you hit publish on your next knit design.