Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vactaion Knits - Volume 1: Summers in New England (Shawls)

Summers in New England (Shawls)

Vacation Knits - Vol 1: Summers in New England (Shawls)

Vacation Knits - Vol 1: Summers in New England (shawls)  is a collection of 4 shawl, mostly small shawlette patterns (Mashpee Shawlette, Sunapee Shawl, Okemo Shawl, Aquinnah Cliffs Shawlette) you will want to make. I love this area (New England) and I am sooooo thrilled to be able to share with you!

Each pattern uses only a single skein of 400 yards or less of your favorite fingering weight yarn.

Each pattern is inspired by and named for some of my most favorite spots to visit around New England. The first three shawls features garter or stockinette bodies with knitted-on lace edging worked sideways.  Then there is the lace edging that adds a little challenge to the knitting.

You can easily interact with company, quickly put down and pick-up your work without worry.

I love this techniques of knitting the body mindlessly, then working the edge sideways along the bottom edge because this type of construction makes it super easy travel knitting.

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The fourth shawl takes a sharp turn with its all-over pattern, making it perfect for a stay-cation where you can have your pattern and chart at arms length throughout the project.

Each pattern is available individually for $6 or you can purchased the whole collection for $17 - that’s a 30% OFF SAVING!!!

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