Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Couldn't Knit! I Don't Have The Patience.

So, my son is on the swim team at school. He goes to the pool after school pretty regularly. Practice last for almost 2-hours, so when I take him to practice and on the days I decide to wait and watch, instead of heading home to start dinner or go to the library to chat and catch up on town gossips (P.S. this is a small town with some big time drama, whoa!), of course I’m gonna take my knitting or crochet. In fact, I always have something to knit or crochet with me in the car. Just in case. Doesn't everyone?! You never know when you will be stuck somewhere, right? This is a small town, but not a fast town.

Anyways, the other day I decided to stay and watch the practice and was working on a knit scarf design that will be published next year. It was in a lovely silk and cashmere blend and the color was divine. Trust me, this is the kind of stuff knitters and crocheters would give up their first born for!

So, I’m at the swim practice, knitting away, minding my own business. I must have been in a sort of Zen moment or something because I was just lost in the rhythm of the clicking needles. I was transfixed by the feel of the yarn as it moved through my fingers and over the needle to create a stitch. I can just imagine the look of complete and utter pleasure on my face, right?

I felt eyes on me. You know that feeling you get that you are being watched? So, I looked up from my work and turn to the woman sitting next to me. Gosh, I must have been in hyper focus mode, because I don’t even remember anyone taking the seat on the bench next to me.

I could see the questions in her face. There on her lips, she wanted to ask me something about my knitting, but she didn’t want to be rude. So, I helped her out. I gestured to my knitting and told her what I was making. I didn’t want to completely scare off the muggle with the details of the yarn composition, the needles being used, the stitch pattern, so I kept it super simple and casual.

She smiled and said what I hear so often…

“I couldn’t do that, knitting. I don’t have the patience.”

In the past, in reaction to this comment I use to go into discussions, expounding quite eloquently on the many virtues of knitting and crochet; about how knitting and crochet allowed me to have patience instead of having the patience to actually do the craft. I use to feel like, if only they knew the benefits of what this craft could do for their state of minds.

I didn’t this time. I didn’t want a battle. I didn’t want to be the crazy knitter at swim practice. Well, at least, this time. I nodded and she smiled back at her. She went back to playing on her phone - I think it was one of those Candy Crush type of games from the low sounds coming from her phone - and I went back to my knitting, instantly transported back to my happy place, where I was creating something beautiful and lovely. I was making art that was also functional and wearable, the love, and hope, and possibility knitted into it.
This design, when published in 2016, I hope a mom will knit for her daughter for graduation. Or, maybe a big sister will knit for her little sister on her wedding day.  


Harwinton Easy Lace Boomerang Shawl     
Freeport Cardigan













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