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Garment in pieces: Don't skimp on the finishing

Garment in pieces

Garment in pieces: Block before or after seaming?

You've been working on this epic sweater. For months you have been stitching away and dreaming of the day it will be finally finished so you can wear to your knit night to show of your beautiful stitches and hard work.
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So, you've put so much time into knitting (and crocheting) your sweater, of course the finishing needs to look beautiful as well. What is your process for finishing your hand-knit (crochet) sweater worked in pieces?

The questions I see a lot is, when I am knitting a sweater in pieces (this can be applied to any garment or accessory, knit or crochet in pieces):

  1. should I block the pieces first, then assemble OR
  2. seam the pieces, then block the finished object.

The Pro answer is to: block each piece to measurement, assemble, and block the whole finished object again.

Why block first before assemble?

  1. It's so much easier to seam with flat edges rather than ends that are curling and misshaped. Before blocking, edging tend to be wonky and unruly. Blocking the piece will help to smooth out the curling.
  2. You will have a good idea if the garment will fit before seaming the pieces together. You can compare the measurement of each piece to the schematic to ensure.
  3. You will be able to identify and correct mistakes early. You will be able to fix problems, re-work a piece if needed before assembly.
  4. You will find out if your swatch lies. Was your gauge spot on or way off? You will want to find out now before you go to try on the sweater.

Before going through all the trouble of seaming up, adding button band, and weaving in ends to find out the sweater grew exponentially in the wash. If you find out now, you can fix the mistake(s) now easily.

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Begonia Lace Racerback
This process might seem like a royal pain. Yes, it's time consuming. But you've already put so much time into knitting it, isn't it worth a bit more attention? Doesn't it deserve a little bit more time to be perfect? To be sure it's right and that it will fit properly?

If you are knitting (or crocheting) a sweater in pieces, get done with all the pieces, seam it, add the button bands, and finishing, try it on and it doesn't fit, what are the chances you will unpick the finishing, un-seam the pieces, and rip back to fix the mistake? Chances are, you're just gonna stick it in a drawer or toss it in the back of your closet and forget it.

You've just wasted months of work and a ton of money worth of yarn. And worst, your knitting confidence is shaken by an ill-fitting project.

Pro Tip: Even though I am a strong advocate for blocking each piece before seaming, if you are getting a result in your finishing process that you like, keep doing it!

So, have I convinced you to block each piece before seaming? Leave a comment and tell me your process for finishing your garments and accessories worked in pieces.


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