Thursday, September 1, 2016

The words you say matters

My mother use to say... Words matter.

As a kid, it never really made sense. You remember hearing the idiom: stick and stones might break my bone, but words will never hurt me.

But now as I get older - and hopefully wiser - I am understanding what she meant and how wrong that idiom is.

It was back in 2008-09 when interweave Knits was at its peak. Every pattern they put out was a hit. Do you remember those patterns everyone was knitting and talking about? I still have copies from that period in my magazine stash that I still cherish, even today.

It was in those days that I would flip through the magazine, scared to even attempt any of the patterns in them because they looked so impossible at the time. And I told myself I wasn't ready for the pattern or even to use the yarn called for in the pattern. But I would say to my husband, I will be in this magazine one day.

Fast forward a few years later and if you go flipping through one of Interweave's Special Issue, the first Harry Potter Knits collection, you will see my name in there, Mudblood Cardigan.


Photo by Interweave Knits
The words you say absolutely matters.

Set goals.

Stretch yourself to reach beyond what you think is possible right now.

Even your wildest dreams are possible.

It might not happen today. Heck, It might not happen tomorrow, but the truth is, it will definitely happen - if you do the work!

What are you putting into words?

Is it a pattern that you don't think you can knit? You think it's too complicated for you.

Is it you putting your big design idea into a published pattern? You don't know what steps you need to take?

Change your mindset. Set your intention, and it will happen.

Nothing is impossible.

Until next time... Stitch On!

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

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