Sunday, August 25, 2019

I'm struggling with pattern sales

I’m often asked: “Tian, I’m struggling with pattern sales. I see other designers getting 100s of sales when they release a pattern and continuing to get sales way after release. Will Pattern Launch Plan (PLP) do that for me? Will it get me to make 100s of sales too and how long will it take?”

I know you have these struggles and questions too, so I wanted to share what I typically tell those people: if it’s a quick solution you want, you definitely won’t find it with me! Look, questions like just tell me that you’re seeking a temporary fix instead of a long-term strategy which with quick fixes, the next problem or struggle in your business will just catapult you back to right here into this same spot... and I’m not about that life for you!

With PLP:
  • I’m teaching you how to fish. 
  • I’m sharing with you the tools you need for you to develop a long term strategy so you can push through any challenge that might hit.

PLP helps you to build a solid foundation and not on some shaky situationship that just feels good in the moment and looks good for the gram but you know won’t last and truly happy and confident with the work you’re putting out. 

PLP won’t make you rich overnight. It’s not about how often or what time of day to post on IG. It won’t be like flipping on an ATM...that’s not sustainable. But it will give you the foundations for creating a marketing plan so that you can make sales when you release a new design AND way after the release date so you can get off the hamster wheel of CONSTANTLY designing and publishing to make your sales. But let’s keep it all the way real, it will take some work + commitment from you... and most importantly, a different way of THINKING.

Now, when you do the work, PLP will help you to tap into the strategies that will help you sell from your existing catalog of designs, not completely passively, but darn near!

Now, how does that sound? Can you make that commitment to do the work -to get off the hamster wheel of always releasing to make sales - that will set you up for long term success? If you’re ready, leave a comment below.

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