Friday, February 27, 2015

New Crochet Pattern: Candeo Shawl (boomerang style)

The Candeo Shawl (boomerang style) is a follow up to my Easy Boomerang.  I love the versatility and simplicity of this construction that I had to make another with more detail. The Candeo Shawl is a boomerang style shawl worked sideways.  The body is worked in Double Crochet increasing on one edge, with a lace edging worked at the same time.

Candeo Shawl (boomerang style) is a crochet boomerang style shawl worked sideway mainly in double crochet with a lace edge worked at the same time.  
Candeo Shawl (boomerang style

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Skill Level: Advance Beginner/Intermediate
Finished Measurements: 64” wide and 21” deep, blocked


Candeo, *Latin* for sparkle, uses a single skein of beautiful glittery sock weight yarn. This shawl is a crochet boomerang style, asymmetric shawl worked sideways with a lace edge worked at the time. Candeo Shawl (boomerang style) is simple and versatile, perfect for that special single skein. The shawl is great for variegated yarns at any weight. Just continue in pattern until you have enough yarn to work a row of single crochet and fasten off.
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