Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crochet and Knit Designs: What inspires and motivates?

What motivates and inspires a crochet and knit design? Each designer have their own way of designing. For some, it could be seeing the patterning on an old rod iron grate in California, it could be a picture in a magazine, or even a stitch pattern in a stitch dictionary. Inspiration can come from many different avenues and take many different forms.

For me, it can be any of those things, and much more.


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Sometimes, going for a walk in the woods and coming across a down tree and seeing the patterning of the bark can create magically imageries. Or the t-shirt worn by an actress, the way it is styled and accessorized can bring to mind a silhouette that drives the design of a knitted sweater.
Beyond the inspiration for the look and feel of the item I want to design, the pattern has to fit into my lifestyle. I create crochet and knit designs that I want to make. Items that fit into one of two categories:
  • 1. The knit or crochet item must be easy to put down and pick up for those 5-minutes in the grocery store lines, the 15-minutes waiting in the school's carpool line, and the 45-minutes on the sidelines at a swim practice or meet. These items have to be mindless enough with easily memorable patterning so I can stay focus on what's going on around me while at the same time keeping my hands busy.
  • 2. The second must-have is that the pattern needs to be mindful where I want to be engaged. I want to be challenged beyond my comfort zone to learn a new skill or technique. These are the pattern that I have the chart close by and everyone needs to stay quite. For me, these designs leave me with a sense of accomplishment for trying and completing something new and complex.
What types of patterns are you in the mood for? Whether you are in the mood for easy and mindless like the {Phoenix Sweater} or you just want to be challenged like the {Sacony Creek Shawlette}, you will find something to crochet and knit in my KNitDesigns by Tian Ravelry shop.






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