Thursday, September 24, 2015

Last Minute Rhinebeck Sweater

Tuesday evening while making dinner, I had the brilliant idea that this would be the year I go to Rhinebeck, New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I checked that dates of the show and the family calendar and there are no conflicts. So, barring any last minute event, I could go. {fingers cross}

I have been wanting to go to this show for a very long time now. Though Rhinebeck is only a 2-3hrs drive for me, Autumn is a hard time to go away when you have kids and all the family obligations that goes along with running a household. There were always something that kept me away. When I had a corporate job, I was just too busy. Then I went back to school and was again too busy.

I feel now is my chance to go to the show. The show is now on the family calendar, which is pretty much writing it in stone. My son is older, he might want to go to the show or if not, he can go to his grandparents allowing hubby and I to make a weekend of it.

So, of course once the decision to go to Rhinebeck is made, the next thought that come to mind is, what to wear?! Everyone is talking about their Rhinebeck Sweater and for months now have been busily working on their show stopper. I have nothing started or even planned.

Of course as a crochet and knit designer, I can't just pick something on Ravelry. I have to design my own sweater. Brilliant, right? With less than a month for the festival, what a better idea than to not only knit a sweater, but to also design it as well. Well, I have a few deadlines, but they are all relative small allowing me the time to focus on knitting a full sweater in my size. I can do this.

The first thought was to crochet a sweater. That would be super fast. But there's a problem. All my sweater quantity of yarn are the perfect quantity for a knit sweater. Knowing that crochet uses more yarn, I would be pushing the yardage and my luck. I didn't want to play yarn chicken with so little margin for error.

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So, a knit sweater it will be. Though I am dying to make a fingering weight sweater, this was not the time to embark on that challenge. Now was the time for quick and simple, using worsted weight on US 8 needles. I needed a gauge of 4.5 sts to the inch in Stockinette Stitch. That is the perfect gauge to get the sweater done in time. The yarn decided on is Webs Valley Yarns Northampton in Light Grey.

The next problem, and biggest is, what pattern and what stitch? I had an idea of the silhouette I wanted and decided that the majority of the sweater worked in Stockinette Stitch would be perfect for speed.

As soon as dinner was over on Tuesday, I Cast-On for my #LastMinute #RhinebeckSweater and made a lot of progress on the back. It's the perfect tv knitting.

Watch this space and Twitter hashtag for progress on my #LastMinute #RhinebeckSweater adventure.


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