Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Hit Send...Knit & Crochet Design Call For Submission and Yarn Support

It's one of those things, where the initial idea is amazing. The swatch is beautiful, but as the sketch progress, doubt creep in. Is this good enough? Is the idea being conveyed well enough? Then the worst kind of doubt rear it's head: Am I good enough?

We have all been there. No matter how many emails I receive that a design was accepted, the doubts and fears still creep in. I am plagued by inferiority and feelings of personal judgment. The bottom line is that these editors are looking to say yes. I need to make their lives easy by being clear and leaving little room for guessing at my intentions.

I've been listening to Tiffany Han's podcast Raise Your Hand Say Yes. I was first introduced to Tiffany this summer during her CreativeLive classes. There is something about her; the way she breaks things down and made everything seem doable was inspiring. Something she says a lot that sticks with me is: You will figure it out. You are the type of person that figures things out. And that's true for many of us.

KnitDesigns by Tian Newsletter
This weekend, I had to dig deep to reach that person that figure things out for a couple emails I had to send. These were not life shattering emails but they were nerve racking for me. One was for yarn support from a yarn company I've have admired for a long time. This was scary because I fear they might remember me. I've submitted a couple times for their Call for Submission and have been rejected. Those rejections hang over me as I type the email. Will they remember my submission and reject me because of my rejected design ideas. Sure, you read on the Ravelry designer forums, a rejected design is not a rejection of you... your design just wasn't a fit for the collection. Yeah, my head gets it, but my heart bleed sometimes when those rejection emails come through. I feel as if I am being rejected!

Right now, Tiffany is running a year long coaching program, 100 Rejection Letters 2.0, starting October 2015. This has inspired me to take up the challenge of getting 100 Rejection Designs in 12 months, starting right now!

Will this be scary? ABSOLUTELY. But it's just emails. I know I have what it takes to create beautiful knit and crochet designs. I just have to be brave and JUST HIT SEND...

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