Thursday, September 3, 2015

We don't need ANOTHER Fiber Festival

During the Spring and Fall seasons, you can't get away from fiber festivals. It seems there are a million of them happening at every turn. Do we need them? Are fiber festivals relevant?
Stemming from a twitter conversation with Lindsey of Erin Lane Bags, it struck me how much the area {New England} is loosing out with the loss of Stitches East this year.

There are a lot of people who think there are already too many fiber shows in the area, so why we would need one more, particularly with big shops like Webs so close by. This conversation with Lindsey made me realize the extent of the loss of this show.
Gong to the yarn shop is GREAT! Especially having Webs in my backyard, who could ask for more?
{Raises hand} Me. All of us!

Fiber festivals are not just a place to buy more yarn and fiber supplies {Lord knows I don't need any more. I have so much yarn, I think even Webs might envy my stash, just a little bit}. The point of a fiber festival or at least in my mind is to make those connections with the makers. It's a way to talk in real-life to those makers who you have admired and supported for so long, to look them in the eye, talk with them and get an insight on their process and inspiration. Also, fiber festivals are great places to meet up and hang out with like-minded fiber enthusiasts and just have fun, in a safe, non-judgey space {yeah, I get the weird looks for muggles too}.

Sure we can read their blogs and follow them on social media to see what they are up to, but nothing beats that one-on-one, face-to-face, human contact where you can see and touch the work, experience new products, and get your fill of all the fiber fumes!

There is just something about real life that just makes the fiber festival experience so much richer.

Hopefully, Stitches East makes a return to the Northeast. Let this be a warning. If you like and enjoy a fiber festival, go out and SUPPORT them. Show them you want the show next year, no matter how small the show, because if we don't show them that we want it, it will go away. And then we'll have nothing!

Comment below and tell me which fiber festivals you plan to attend this Fall.


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  1. We need more in the desert southwest. There are very few my way.

    1. Such a good point. It seems some areas have so many fiber festivals than others, almost to the point of over-saturation while other areas are lacking. This is an issue festival organizers need to address.