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The Harrison Sweater - The sweater you steal from your man, every time.
The Harrison Sweater - The sweater you steal from your man, every time.

Sometimes the thought of crocheting and knitting for the guy in your life can seem daunting. What a slog! What a pain it will be to make a sweater in his size, in a blah color that he likes but will not be fun for you to work with. I feel your pain.

So, here is The Harrison Sweater. It's a sweater your guy will love to wear. But even better, it's the sweater you won't mind one bit crocheting for your man. WHY? You look good in it too and you can steal it.

Sure, when you go to the yarn store you can tell him the yarn will be for his sweater. (Hint: This yarn doesn't count as stash because it's yarn for HIM! he he!) So, go ahead, get the yarn he wants. Yep, talk him into that super soft cashmere and merino blend and duh, let him pay for it. It's his sweater after all...

He will love you for ever and BONUS, you'll get an awesome sweater out of it!

Go get your pattern copy and have your, I mean, HIS sweater done in time for the start of winter. Click here...
The Harrison Sweater is a classic shape and pattern, in a neutral color. But I think the thing I love most is how good it look in my own closet.  It's your man's sweater you'll love to steal, umm... borrow!

The Harrison Sweater
The Harrison Sweater
ABOUT THE SWEATER: The Harrison Sweater, previously published in Love of Crochet Magazine is now available for individual purchase in my KNitDesigns by Tian Ravelry Shop.


The Harrison Sweater, is a bottom up crochet cardigan worked from the bottom up with set-in sleeves.  The sleeves are worked from the cuffs to the shoulders.  The shoulders are joined, sleeves set-in, and side and sleeve seams joined.

The yarn used, Knit Picks Swish Worsted was the perfect match for the design.  The yarn has a great hand and stitch definition that makes the basketweave pattern pop.  The color, cobblestone Heather, makes the cardigan the ideal everyday piece for the man in your life, but the all-over texture adds detail and interest to push you through completion.  Just one more row....

I absolutely loved creating this cardigan and hope you enjoy it as well.

Until next time... Stitch on!
A rising tide lifts all boats!

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