Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Magazine Review: I Like Crochet, February 2016

Do you remember when you use to stay up waiting for your favorite online magazines to release their newest issue? When you use to stalk your local yarn store for your favorite magazine? Yes, I hear ya. I use to be there right with you.
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photo by I Like Crochet magazine
Lately though, I have found knitting and crochet magazines to be a bit meh. You might be like me, where you had a bunch of go-to magazines you were super excited at their release every few months because you knew they would contain a great majority of patterns you will want to make, now! However, those magazines have gradually became a boring pile of papers that you want to crochet or knit very few, if any, of the designs.

It's not that the patterns aren't good. You're just not excited anymore. Maybe its that the photo styling have changed to show more of the model and the landscape rather than the pattern details, constructions, and the stitch. Because, you know, that's what I am getting the magazine for… the pretty stitch pictures and not the crazy poses and overwhelming stylings.

Now, I'm only subscribed to ONE craft magazine and it's I Like Crochet by Prime Publishing. Late last year I discovered the magazines while scrolling through Ravelry's recently added patterns. There are many great designs listing every day on Ravelry. It was completely by chance I that found I Like Crochet magazine. So, what was so attractive about these magazines?
Winding Honeycomb Scarf 
Photo by I Like Crochet magazine
The first things that caught my eye were the photography, the models, and the designs.  The patterns are cute, functions, and has a wide range of skill level. Of course that is what is expected of knitting and crochet magazine; great patterns. Beyond the wonderful patterns, the models are relatable. They are people of a diverse age and race. In a lot of other magazines, you will see the same type of models and a lot of crocheters don't see themselves represented in the images. Finally, the photography, which is simple and clean. The focus is not on the model or funky styling, but rather on the crochet piece; the stitch details and construction.
Puffed Lines Beanie and Scarf Set
Photo by I Like Crochet magazine

Of course, immediately after completely falling in love with the magazine and buying a year-long subscription, I had to check out their designer call for submissions.

Luckily, they felt my designs fit their aesthetics and I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing team!

So, if you have not familiar with this publication, please go check them out. The designs are fabulous! 

Are you subscribed to any craft magazines (knit, crochet, etc.)? Which one(s)? Leave a comment below to share your favorites and why.

Happy Crocheting,


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