Thursday, March 10, 2016

What chickens can teach about knitting and crochet

So, stick with me here for a bit. There is a point to this story.

This past winter, my chickens didn't lay any eggs. 12 hens
and not a single egg! This is only the second winter in 7-years of raising chickens that we had to
buy eggs from the grocery store. Bummer, right! If you have had farm fresh eggs, you know how amazing they are and how saddened we were without them.

Anyway, the point... Nature provides a way for animals to rejuvenate - winter. Changing seasons and shortening day. Bears and many other animals hibernate. Some birds fly south in the winter for sun and warmth.

People. Humans. We're a different story. We just keep going. Rain or shine, summer or winter, whatever the season, we work. But aren't breaks essential for us as well?

I hear crocheters and knitters talking about losing their crafting mojo, and I think to myself how normal that it is or how normal we should see this. It is okay to get burned out.

So, what did I learn from my hens? Breaks are more than okay; they are essential to healthy production. We all need to take breaks to rejuvenate and rest up for the new season. It nothing to be ashamed about.

Burn-out happens to the best of us.

We all lose our mojo at some point!

So, what do you do when you lose your knitting and crochet mojo? Try something new and different. Explore other crafts and activities such as baking, sewing, or needlepoint on sites like Craftsy. Heck, try even maybe hiking or biking.

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This past winter when I lost my knitting and crochet mojo, I didn't fight it because I knew that my drive and desire to knit and crochet would return, and return with a vengeance. The key in the meanwhile was to fill that space and void with other activities. Sure, there were some
Netflixing (yeah, I think that is a word, a verb actually!).

So, don't force yourself to regain your mojo. Don't beat yourself up. Just remember it's natural to take breaks.


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Until next time...Stitch on!

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