Wednesday, March 30, 2016

When all you want is a bit of mindless knitting

Is it too much to ask?

All you want to do is get through the front door, take off your stodgy cubicle clothes and dreadful pantyhose and into your well-worn, well-loved, comfy lounge pants. All day you've been thinking about it, this moment; to get home and just put your feet up and binge watch a whole season of Big Bang Theory on Netflix and knit away on that top-down garter stitch shawl with the fun edging because you are fried from your day at work and can only focus on knitting back and forth at the moment. You have no brain space for a complicated pattern. That applied edging with the interesting detail will be there when you regain some gray brain cells and need a bit of a challenge.

So, it's Thursday evening, you walk through the front door and a voice from the kitchen immediately asks: "Good, you're home. What's for dinner?"

Yeah! This is my problem how?

From hubby's point of view, it might be your problem.
Now, your blood is boiling!
Your vision is clouded by your rage.

What do you do? Well, strangling him might seem like a good idea, but resist the urge because you do live in a state that still has the death penalty.

Take a deep breath and go back to your happy place of comfy pants, Netflix, and your knitting.

Calmly open the drawer. Remove and hand him the pile of take-out menus, and continue on your way to serenity.

Ok, I know many of you have had similar experiences? What do you think of that response? How have you or how would you have handled the situation? Leave a comment.

By the way, if you have had a few days like this with little brain space at the end of a hard work day and just need a simple project to knit while you binge watch your favorite series on Netflix, check out the Mashpee Shawl.

Side Note

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Until next time...Stitch on!

New Design - Lenox Shawl

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  1. My standard response is "I don't know, what are you making?" Now, not that he does ever make anything but at least there are days I am not hit with it the minute he sees the whites of my eyes.

    1. That's hilarious Theresa. I love that response. My husband might have used that line on me, oops:)

  2. I'm guessing this happened recently? LOL
    I don't usually have that problem because we have a SAHD and he does most of the cooking. But I do get where I want to come home and just veg-knit, but the family is clamoring for my attention all at once. I've been doing a simple garter stitch pattern late a night - very soothing.

    1. Thanks Carmen for sharing. I so agree. Garter stitch is the elixir of knitting when you have no brain space.

      Sometimes, taking that time to sit alone and knit can feel selfish. As women, wives, mothers, we have to be on all the time, constantly doing for others. Even knitting garter stitch late at night can feel guilty, because there is something more productive you could be doing, right?

  3. So funny you should write this. For 3 nights in a row this week, I have done this, and my husband has been wonderfully indulgent. (He is the cook, but I should be cleaning up the kitchen, setting the table, etc....It's the idea of still having light that makes me want to get home and knit...In my case, it's the thornstitch...half mindless, and so gratifying!