Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to decide what knit and crochet projects to take on vacation

In a few days, school will be out for summer break – yay? My family, your family, and many families across the US and abroad will be heading on vacation, adventures to the beach, campsites, and other fun places.

Summer is a time to watch out children grow a whole foot taller in just 2 short months, to reap the fruits of our labor and our gardens, no matter the size. While we flip those burgers and sip on tart lemonade, let’s look towards our successes and all that we’ve learned from the things that did not go as expected.

As I write this, my family is preparing for our first camping trip of the year – my second ever camping trip. Last year was my first time camping. Good thing my boys are a bit more experienced at this than I am. Side note: before this, roughing it for me was a hotel without room service. I’d say I’ve come a long way. Parenting has helped.

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Alongside the list of what we need to prepare for the trip is an equally long list of patterns and yarns I want to bring. Like any good knitter and crocheters it’s better to be overly prepared than not. You get it! I see you nodding. We’re not going for very long, but you never know. I could be stuck in traffic due to a moose crossing or something. Right?! Well, you never know. What if I end up like Gillian on his island, expecting a 3-day trip but end up stranded in New Hampshire for years? What will I knit and crochet while I wait to be rescued? Well, I’m not taking that chance.  

So, I am making a list and trying to figure out what to bring.

Sweaters? Nah. How about a sock… or two? One knit and one crochet? Something garter stitch and mindless to work on while sitting around the campfire. Something complex for when my boys are off biking and it’s just me and my dog, Charlie, in the quiet. So many items to go on the list. And so many to remove.

I haven’t even thought of what I’ll bring to wear on the trip, but that is less important than what I will knit and crochet.

Leave a comment. When you plan a trip, how do you decide what knit and crochet projects to take? I need to narrow down my options here, so help!

Until next time...Stitch on!

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  1. I left for a vacation this morning, and (gasp) I will be alone for the first two days! Like you a spent exponentially more time planning the knitting than packing. In fact I threw a few things in my suitcase 30 min before I left! For a 4.75 day trip I brought a pair of socks, both cuffs are complete already, one caked up ball for a hat that is a christmas gift, and multiple skeins to begin a baby blanket for my grandma box. It is important to me to bring projects that use different weights of yarn. So one sock weight -one sport weight and one worsted. It was with great restraint that at the last minute I left another pair of socks and a baby sweater (in progress) at home! Hope I dont regret it! M

  2. I usually end up waiting until the last minute to decide which projects to take - and I always take several; many more than I could ever work on. Case in point: we went to a wedding last weekend with an extra day added on. I was going to have lots of time to knit and crochet, right? So I better bring my socks, supplies to work on a shawl design and hat yarn. I barely ended up working on the hat, but the few times I had a break to knit I wanted something small. No worries though - hubby is used to me bringing an activity bag everywhere I go LOL

  3. You know, with all that knit and crochet project planning, I barely worked on anything at all. It always happen that I think bigger than I will actually have time to execute. It was just so relaxing to just sit and do nothing. But I think if I hadn't brought all those projects, I would have been worried. So, in the end, the plan worked. I had my hoard of yarn and was relaxed enough to not need them.