Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why does it matter?

Whenever I hear someone says they aren’t where they want to be, whether it’s with their day job, relationships, or creative pursuits, my very first question is always why? Why does it matter? The place where you want to be? Why do you want to be there? This is a simple question with endless answer possibilities. I have found that simple question (why?) leads me to the root of my heart’s desire and the path and means to get there when I drill way down into that why? 

crochet, shawl, short-rows, lace, bottom up
Keora Shawl
If you’ve taken my Pattern Writing 101 e-course, then you know that I ask this question a lot and help you drill down to understand your why starting in the very first lesson. I am sure my students got really sick of me asking this, but the truth is, we all have within us the stuff we need to get to where we want to get to. We possess the answers. We just need to ask the right question.

KNitDesigns by Tian
So, you want to knit or crochet that pattern on Ravelry’s Hot Right Now list. Why? You want to design, write, and publish your own pattern. Why? You are already a designer but is not getting on the Hot Right Now list. Why does it matter? Drill down into it. Really understand why any of it matters. Is what you want to do in line with your purpose? Or, are you doing it because everyone else is doing it?

It doesn’t get much tougher than that. Let’s get real, the answer you come up with might not be what you want to hear OR it might lead you to a place you never even imagined. But it is now that you need to trust your gut. It’s never lied to you.

It’s not about following what everyone else is doing on Ravelry. Keep asking why, over and over. Why does it matter? Keep picking at it to the real source and all will reveal itself. It’s about knowing deep in your soul your purpose, your why.

Until next time...Stitch on!

*A rising tide lifts all boats*


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