Monday, October 3, 2016

Unlock your Inner Designer Journal

I have been working on something big and it's a journal. Kinda seem random, right?! But not really. It is so me. I must have 10+ journals of every kind stashed around my house for various types of notes and writing. But the Unlock your Inner Designer_Journal is different than those journals.

Unlock your Inner Designer_Journal is the journal perfectly designed for the knit and crochet designer in mind. I use mine for designing, notes, and everything relating to designing.

Unlock your Inner Designer_Journal is for knit and crochet designers, whether you are a newbie or experienced designer. It is a bi-fold journal with blank pages on one side for sketching and a lined side for notes. Cool, right? I am so in love with mine and want to share it you.

Why am I doing this? Well, I get a lot of questions from newbie and some experience designers asking how do I get all my designing done? What I do with all the ideas in my head? How am I able to submit to so many different publication. Easy. I have a journal for sketching and taking notes.
This is my #1 design tool.

My designing journal sits on my desk when I'm home or in my bag when I am out and about, because you never know when inspiration will strike. You can be taking a walk or window shopping at the mall, and bam! An idea for a stitch pattern or a silhouette strikes. Of course you can't knit or crochet up those ideas as they come, so you write it down.

It can be so easy to jot something down on a piece of paper, but scrap papers get lost. Keep all your ideas, notes and sketches all in one place in your Unlock your Inner Designer_Journal. And the best part is, when you see a Call for Submission from your favorite publication in Ravelry, you don't have to scramble to create something from scratch. You can go to your journal, flip through your library of ideas for one that might easily fit the call or can be modified.

Dimensions: 8" H x 0.4" L x 6.25" W
Double-sided notebook
40 pages ruled
40 pages blank

IMPORTANT: Unlock your Inner Designer_Journal is available for pre-order October 3-8th for $17 (plus FREE shipping and handling). Pre-order will be shipped on October 23rd.

If there are any journals remaining after pre-orders close, on October 23th, Unlock your Inner Designer_Journals will be available in my Etsy shop and the price will go to
$20 (plus $5.50 shipping & handling, continental USA).

Just remember, You Got This!

Until next time... Stitch On!

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

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