Thursday, October 13, 2016

Is self-care on your to do list?


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Lately, I've been thinking about self-care, A LOT, and how to be a better human being. There is so much craziness going on in the news that I've been feeling devalued and rundown. I can't very well just close myself from the world. So, how do I take of myself? Everywhere we're seeing the self-care movement. Everyone is talking about it. All the podcasts it seems, lately. But the questions is, what does self-care even mean?

Sure, knitting and crochet is the perfect stress relieving therapy. But since I knit and crochet full-time, at times this craft I love IS a job and not as much fun.

So, with the holidays quickly approaching and everyone is talking about gift knitting and crocheting, and the air tinged with the stress and anxiety that comes along with the holidays, I am taking things easy and going in the complete opposite direction.

It's not gonna happen. Not this year! The only gift knitting and crocheting I will be doing this year is for moi. Me.

I know. This is totally selfish and not at all in line with what we are taught women, mothers, wives ought to be, but sometimes, I matter. YOU matter. And in order for me and you to take care of others, the people around us that we love most, then we have to be healthy and well, right? It is not selfish!

Forget about expectations. For once, let it be about me. Let it just be about you.

So, as the days get cooler and we get ready to settle in for the deep freeze here in Massachusetts, I will be having lots of lazy Sundays with a book. Hey, did I mention I am back to reading, actual, books, again. <sigh> And it feels amazing.

What will you do to take care of yourself. How do you self-care? Or, is self-care even on your priority? Why or why not? I'm still figuring out this adult-thing and learning from others on how to live a life of joy and abundance.

Leave a comment below. Share how you self-care. We all can learn from each other.

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Until next time... Stitch On!
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