Thursday, January 12, 2017

How to find focus for your year?

How do you find focus day-to-day? I mean, to really live in your truth and stay true to your values.

I haven't really figure it all out, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon and trying something.

What are your New Year's traditions? You know how all over the interwebs people are picking a word or phase that will embody their whole upcoming year? They choose a word that they will focus on for their lives and/or their business. I use to think that was silly. No, I still kinda think it's silly, but I am doing it anyway.

Unknowingly, I had a word for 2016. I didn't pick it intentionally. The truth is, I think it choose me rather than the other way around; seeing common recurring themes pop up in my life.

My word for 2016 was Empower. Like I said, I didn't choose it. It choose me. It was well into 2016, maybe around May or June when I kept getting hit with this word in everything I did. I saw it in either me empowering myself or helping others to find confidence.

In different situations I found myself just giving a lot of tough love advise, pulling from my own experiences to help propel others to their own destinies, even in small ways. One instance is when I helped a knitter friend with a project that she had been sitting on for years because she didn't understand the instructions and was dreading picking back up he project. You know that feeling when you have a project that is just sucking the energy and joy out of your hobby. It was a finished project she wanted, her first sock project, that she just couldn't figure out. After a coffee chat one day and looking over the project, we figured it out and a couple hours later she was ready to give it another try. How empowering is that, a long time knitter achieving such a monumental goal? Then, I had another knitter (now friend), who went through my Pattern Writing course wrote me with a question. That question turned into a mentor session with many conversations of me pushing her beyond her comfort zone. That has led her to have the confidence to do something she had wanted to do but feared - to submit her design ideas to a magazine. She did it and had the design accepted for publication. We will be seeing her name in print in 2017. How amazing is that?! I couldn't be more proud of these inspiring women.

Lately, I feel like I've been on this feminist kick where I am just sick of us women getting the short end of everything. We have to work twice as hard only to get a small percentage of the pie with no real means of breaking the glass ceiling.

We can't wait around for approval or permission from external source, because we'll never get it. We have to be our own voice. We have to make things happen.

Okay, stepping off the soapbox. That was a mouthful.

Now, for 2017, my word is Grace. This mean that I will give myself the grace to try new things, to mess up, to fall down and stay down for a while if I want, to get too big for my breeches, to be vulnerable, to change my mind often, to be happy, to be sad, to try to be a good person and fail sometime, to be a human being. I hope this resonate with you and that will find inspiration.

What will be your word for 2017? Please share. You know I'm nosey!

Also, do you have a friend who could use some motivation? Send them this post please.

Thanks for reading and helping to spread the word.

Until next time... Stitch on

A rising tide lifts all boats

Hey bottom scrollers ...

I share my word for 2017 and how I got there.

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