Thursday, January 5, 2017

What does it take to be a designer?bind off for a interesting finish.

What does it take to be a designer?

Are you thinking of taking the plunge into designing? 

It might be easier or harder than you think to be a designer. Besides have a comprehensive knowledge of knit and/or crochet techniques and terminologies.

Before you post that pattern up on Ravelry to join the ranks of thousands of designers there, please let me jump in here to give you a few pointers. 

What does it take to be a designer? If I had a time machine and could go back 9 years, these are the things I would tell my beginner-self to keep an eye out for.

1. Believe in yourself and trust that you will figure it out.
In the beginning, I spent A LOT of time researching and second
guessing myself. I wish I had the guts to trust my gut and know
that I can do it.

2. Don’t aim for perfection.
Done is better than perfect because it will never be perfect.
Waiting for things to be perfect left me not doing anything when
what matter is getting out and doing it and iterate.

3. Stay in your own lane.
Ignore what others are doing and do what feels good to you, not
trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing.

4. Keep on learning.
There is always something new to learn. Look for opportunities
to gain more education. This doesn’t mean following other
designers and feeling jealous by what they are doing. Instead, it’s
about learning new techniques and skills to improve and develop
your own style.

5. Seek out mentor and good advice.
I spent way too much time reading Ravelry forums and blog
posts. I wish I had spent that time to find people I trusted instead
of random advice on the internet. But it doesn’t end there. You
might not agree with advice, especially those given by trusted
mentors. Go back to #1. Believe in yourself and trust your
instincts. Take what you need from an advice – is it of value to
you – and leave the rest behind. That also applies to this post. Go
ahead and ignore the stuff that you don’t want and run with the
information that is in-line with your values.

6. Just do the work.

And that’s it, the advice I’ve got for my fellow knitters and crocheters designers to be. Was it helpful? I really hope it was. 

Do you have a friend who is thinking about starting to design? Send them this post please.

Thanks for reading and helping to spread the word.

Until next time, stitch on.

Tian Connaughton

A rising tide lifts all boats

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