Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Get noticed on Ravelry

Available for immediate access July 15

Learn to PROMOTE & MARKET your knit and crochet patterns 

Are you a knit and crochet designer who hears crickets when you launch a new design on Ravelry? Maybe you get a bump on the first day when your design is at the top of Ravelry's recently added patterns. 

How to get your pattern noticed on Ravelry is a marketing e-course for knit and crochet designer. The course will help you with promoting your patterns. At the end of the course, you will have a formula and system that you make and evolve over time. 

As a designer of over 100 patterns, I've tried many different techniques and have had great results. In this course I share with you some easy techniques you can use on your next pattern release.

You shouldn't be making sales on new patterns only when you release a new design because that is not a sustainable model. Even the older designs should still be getting some notice...

Constantly releasing patterns just to get a spike in sales get tiring. What about the old patterns? Make those continue to work for you!

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I've been offering this course since 2016 twice per year. Now you can access the e-course immediately on your own schedule. Get the information you need right now and see results in hours.

How to get your pattern noticed on Ravelry will:
  1. make pattern release and publication systematic  
  2. create a plan to reach knitters and crocheters that want your design 
  3. make more sales per pattern because you will have a strategy to promote not just new patterns, but old ones too.

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It doesn't end with publishing your pattern on Ravelry. That is just the beginning. Getting your knit and crochet patterns noticed doesn't have to leave you tears.

This course will teach you how to use MS Excel to grade patterns in order to publish your next pattern with confidence, knowing every part of your pattern is sized accurately.

In this course you will get ONE LESSON consisting of step-by-step instructions on:

  • When to launch your pattern
  • How to create a promotion strategy (before, during, and after the pattern release)
  • How to share your patterns in forums and groups 

With this ONE LESSON e-course you will get:
  • Promotional and marketing templates and calendar to use as a guide 
  • Step-by-step ways to promote with information on how to use, test, and modify
  • Tips for creating a marketing calendar
  • Get answers to your specific questions 

This course is for you if:
  • You are a knit and crochet designer wanting to make more than enough to buy just a cup of coffee
  • You are a knit and/or crochet designer wanting to create a promotional schedule
  • You are guessing and throwing tactics at the wall hoping something sticks
  • You want a solid plan, a strategy that you can use over and over for every pattern release
  • Want to learn strategies to get your patterns noticed beyond the first day of release
  • You are feeling stuck and want to try something different

"I took Tian's FREE 5-day design challenge not expecting much, but I got bit by the designing bug. I then took her Pattern Writing 101 course. Now I'm getting my first pattern tech edited to be published this summer. I am sooo glad I took the chance and invested in myself. Tian is so inspiring!" ~Meg B.

This course is NOT for you if: 
  • You have a plan that is working (or not working).
  • You don't want to invest in your design business.
  • You don't care about promoting your pattern

  • You are okay with your current strategies
  • You don't think marketing and promotion is important. 

What you get after your register?
  • Immediately after registering, you will receive a WELCOME EMAIL with a PDF of what to expect.
  • Then about ONE-hour later, you will receive an email with the LESSON MATERIALS.
  • Run into questions or get stuck, hit reply to the email and ask me. I'm here to help you 100% of the way.

Get the course now {$31} // available JULY 15, 2017.

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Until next time... Stitch on!


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Tian Connaughton is a knit and crochet designer, technical editor, and coach. Her mission is to help aspiring designers to develop their ideas, build confidence, and live the life they've always dreamt.

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