Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's in your earhole this summer?

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Whether I am at home working or doing chore, going for walk with my buddy Charlie (look how cute he is all dressed up) or at the grocery store (a place I feel I spend ALOT of time and a lot of money with a pre-teen boy in the house), I usually have my earbuds in place listening to something great. It can be a podcast about business development or general entertainment. Regardless, I'm always plugged in. Some are for pure entertainment and laughs while others inspire and help me grow my business.

Here's my top podcasts. Note: These are not all the podcasts I listen, just my top go-to shows that never miss.

Business Podcasts
1) The Fizzle Show
2) Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han
3) Being Boss 
4) Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
5) Profit. Power. Pursuit. A CreativeLive Podcast with Tara Gentile
6) Heart + Hustle Podcast

General Entertainment
1) Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
2) For Colored Nerds
3) This American Life
4) Sampler
5) A Way with Words
6) Snap Judgement
7) Car Talk
8) Another Round

1) Ready Set Knit
2) 90% Knitting
3) Knit1, HeartToo
4) CraftLit
5) TheKnitGirllls

Do you listen to podcast? Any of these on your playlist? I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting show. Share your favorites in the comments below.

#1: E-Book
In addition to all the podcasts I listen to, I have been hooked on Daniel Steeves Connaughton's A Tale of Two Heroes series. Full disclosure, Daniel is my boo (lol), but if it wasn't really good, I wouldn't be sharing it with you and putting it on my blog for posterity. So, how to describe it? Well, Daniel is writing a bi-weekly newsletter where he is sharing portions of his new book as he writes and allowing readers to vote on story possibilities in order to help with how the story develop.

So, this reminds me of Victorian Serial Novels, but with a modern internet age twist. Do you remember in the old days (not that you were there or anything but might have heard of it, lol), newspapers and magazines printed stories in serial format? Alexander Dumas did this with his Count of Monte Cristo as did Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, and so many others.

In a similar manner, A Tales of Two Heroes is released in parts bi-weekly as the author writes the story. The bonus part that I am super excited about is that Daniel, is allowing you and me, the reader to help him write the story. Crazy, right!

How it works is, at the end of each issue, he puts out a survey with questions about possible turns the story can take. You and me, the readers, vote to decide the direction the story takes. The option with the most votes win. How cool is that?! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Head over to his blog to read about the story here

Sign-up to get each issue straight to your email here

Read Issue #1 and catch up here

#2: Craftsy
Want to learn a new craft or develop your existing crafty talents, Craftsy is the perfect place to get lessons on the topics you want, when you want. I have a few classes that I play all-the-time. PLUS, they are always having a sale!

Until next time...Stitch on!
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  1. There's a new podcast I really like. It's by Staci Perry of the YouTube channel VeryPink Knits. It's called the VeryPink Podcast. This week they'll release the 6th episode.

    1. Yes! Love Staci and her YouTube tutorials. I am so glad she's now doing podcast. Thanks for sharing that one Raelyn.

  2. I'll have to go check out some of your podcasts! I only have about an hour a day to listen. I stay home with 2 toddlers one of which talks NON STOP! And he could probably give your husband a run for his money in the fantasy story department. LOL

    I started listening to The Yarn Thing podcast by Marly Bird and she has introduced me to Power Purls with Kara Gott Warner and on one of those I heard about Craft*ish with Vicki Howell. I also keep up with Staci and Very Pink via both YouTube and now the podcast.

    I listen to Pat Flynn every once in a while because when I finally "go back to work" it will have to be for myself. And there are So many possibilities online some part of my business will be there.

    1. Hey Laura!

      Thanks so much for sharing. I forgot about Marly's show. I just realized that I've been listening to podcast to near 10 years - since my son was a toddler and I took time off from my corporate job to be home. Side note, being home with a toddler after being in a high stress position, podcasts were how I was able to get some adult interaction throughout the day until my husband got home. I don't think I could survive with only an hour of podcast per day then. I would listen to podcasts while cleaning the bathrooms, during naps, anytime I was not needed. You might be able to squeak out a few more "alone" time than an hour.

      I was listening to the Yarn Thing Podcast when she first started out designing and I was so inspired by her guts. Not sure why I stopped listening to her (must have been when I took a break from all podcast in 2010 after a tornado hit my town and I just wasn't into listening to anything), but that podcast is top notch. Love her!

      Also, I love that you listen to podcasts to get you primed for working for yourself. I think the Fizzle Podcast and Craftsanity are great ones for that.

      There is so much out there. Thanks again for sharing your favorites.