Friday, August 26, 2016

Why you are NOT getting results from online courses

It seems like you can get just about anything you want online these, especially learning.

Online courses are easily accessible, convenient, and provides just in time learning, meaning that you get what you want when you want it, unlike traditional institutions where you have to take a bunch of courses you don't want, pay money you don't have, to eventually get to the stuff you actually wanted in the first place.

Maybe you're an online course junkie signing up for every new course on the market. Your friend just finished a course and she's raving about it and you have to buy it. You heard a podcaster promote their new bootcamp and of course, there you go. You have to get that one too because the one before was a dud; you didn't get the results the course creators claim.

You might have signed up for a few freebie courses and paid courses and at the end of all of them you're left right where you started with questions and even more confusion.

You think there is something wrong with you.

You can't get to the place you want and do the things you want because you haven't found that one course that will help you.

It's not that the course wasn't informative or that you didn't read through the lessons and watch all the videos. You did all that. What are you doing wrong? Nothing.

The truth is, online courses might not be for you!

The number one (and most important) reason I see students not get results from an online course is because they read through the lessons and watch the videos, but did not take action.

I've seen that in my own one-lesson courses where I have students email a day after receiving the lesson to ask if that was all. Yep. That is all. You don't need more than that. You just need to do the work.

Just because you can speed read through the entire course in a couple hours and get through the material, that doesn't automatically mean that you've learned and absorb the information.

Chances are you didn't take action on any of the key points. You didn't do the homework.

Hence, you didn't experience any lasting change.

When my tween son first started getting homework in school a few years ago, it was a huge battle to get him to do the homework. It was difficult to get him to (1) sit down at the kitchen table and do the homework, and (2) see the value in doing the work at all. He would say that he did that all day already in school. But it's the using of the information and applying it that brings about transformation.

You are missing out on these courses if you just read through he information and watch the videos, but don't do the exercises. You don't do the work and take action.

The bottom line is that, with online courses, especially the ones that are self-study types where you get all the material up front and you get work at your own pace, without the accountability aspect of having to answer to someone and showing your work to the class and the instruction, to force you to actually do the work, you might not get the transformation you are seeking and then blame the course for lack of results.

Sure, not all courses are created equal, some will be crap (believe me, I know) and some will be phenomenal (there are so many great ones out there). The truth is, even a not-so-great course can lead to dramatic transform, but only when you do the work and take action will get you get results.

Until next time...Stitch on!
*A rising tide lifts all boats*

P.S. You have been knitting for a while and you have some design ideas.

You've been wanting to get that big design idea out of your head and to see your name in print (how freaking cool would it be to see your name printed in your favorite pattern magazine, Interweave Knits, anyone?)
, but you have no idea how to even start to write up that pattern.

No worries. I got you.

That's why I created Pattern Writing 101 e-Course because I see you fumbling around, searching around the internet for answers, and just end up wasting a ton of time and not finding clear solutions.

I created this course because I want to hold you hand along the way, to show you the step-by-step process to get you from idea to a written pattern that you are confident and proud to share.

Just imagine, by Thanksgiving, you have a pattern up on Ravelry, for sale, making some extra cash in time for Christmas shopping.
Yeah, 'cuz my kid too want that new gaming system that I don't even understand what it does, but it's on the list.

Just so you know, registration for Pattern Writing 101 e-Course opens in a couple weeks and all spots expected to sell out.

So, if you have been wanting to write and publish your own patterns with clear help (you get templates, worksheets, your questions answered), with confidence, join the waiting list here to be notified when registration opens so you don't miss out. Space limited.


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