Monday, November 14, 2016

Yarn is not cheap

Yarn is not cheap

Knitting and Crocheting season is here. I hate to have to be the one to say it, but there is just over 5 weeks to Christmas. Yike! I know, right! Where did the time go? I know, we are always saying that, but this year really seems to be speeding by! Remember when you were a kid and you wished time would speed up? Now it’s like I am constantly trying to hold time still so I can enjoy it more. But like doesn’t work like that, does it? We push on to the next thing, to live and enjoy the next adventure. And with that in mind, the holidays are coming.

Did you start your holiday knitting and crocheting yet? Maybe this year you are going to make a sweater for hubby, a hat for little Timmy, and a cowl for cousin Suzie. Or maybe you’re like me this holiday season and the only holiday stitching you’ll be doing is for yourself – because you deserve it!

Well, either way, you’re in luck.

This time of year I tend to see an exponential increase in my yarn discretionary funds. So, wherever I can cut costs and still maintain high quality is a plus.  Knit Picks, you know how I love them, is making those big yarn purchases a bit easier with The Big Sale going on now.

For one week only, starting today, Monday, November 14th you can get up to 60% OFF on over 1,000 yarns! You can’t beat that deal with the wide array of yarns they carry, ranging from everyday workhorse to luxurious blends.

So, what’s on your wish list? Get that sweater quantity for hubby, that special cashmere blend for cousin Suzie, or a few skeins of that workhorse for Timmy. Then, when you’re done shopping for them, get a few skeins for that project you want to start just for you in January.

Well, I have my list and ready to shop. I see some Hawthrone Speckle Handpaint in my future. 

How about you? Don’t forget The Big Sale ends soon. Go shopping!

Until next time... Stitch On!

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

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