Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Am I really giving up knitting and crocheting?

Am I really giving up knitting and crocheting?

The truth is, I haven't wanted to knit or crochet anything for a while now. Nothing has felt right. I wasn't inspired by all the new projects on Ravelry. What is wrong with me? Have you ever felt this way? Like you've lost your knitting mojo?

I was in a slump. A knitting and crocheting dry spell so bad I didn't even buy yarn. Crazy, right?! Ok, let's be honest. I don't need more yarn. I have enough yarn to run a sizeable yarn shop. Anyway, not having that drive to stitch was disconcerting.

Sure, I've stopping knitting and crocheting for spells of time in the past and always came back. But this? It felt different. This, I was afraid, felt like it would be permanent. To be honest, it was a bit scary because I started to think about what to do with my stash and books and fibers and notions and bags, and....

Covell Tee, knitdesigns by Tian, Flourish collection

Like most major life changing decisions, I sat on the decision for a while.

I refused to make any decisions.

I wasn't 100% sure of anything.

I did a lot of reading and I ignored my stash, willing myself to not feel guilty.  I had projects I had to finish like this afghan and designs for upcoming publications (some of which I had local knitters and crocheters help me make the sample). I did them without my usual enthusiasm. I stepped away from it all, letting things happen as they will.

After MONTHS of having no stitching desire, I think it's back. I want to knit again (insert dramatic voice). The siren call of my stash is beckoning me to touch and play and make again. It's not at the levels it once was, but everyday the desire grows.

I want to sketch new ideas. I want to try new stitches. I want to make things again.

Have you lost your stitching mojo in the past? What did you do to overcome it and get back to knitting and crocheting?

Leave a comment below and let me know

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Until next time... Stitch On!

A rising tide lifts all boats

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  1. Many years back I lost my desire to knit and it just came back a few months ago (with the exception of a couple of scarves a couple of years back) Now I want to knit all the things again :)

    1. That is amazing Katicia. I have so many questions. What brought you back to knitting? What did you do in the meanwhile? Did you feel guilty for not knitting? Thank you for sharing. I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone.

  2. Do you have any idea what triggered the loss of interest? Was it a major life event? An illness? A move? Sometimes, surviving these things and the aftermath cause someone's mindset to change, and they want to do something different from what they've been into before.

  3. Interesting. I didn't think of that - of a trigger. I'm not sure, I'll have to go back in time (in my mind) and see where I lost my mojo and what was happening at the time. Have you had experience with this?

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I haven't felt much like knitting since Christmas. I think I burned out a little way back in November but had to push through the holidays. I'm slowing getting back the urge but I'm still not back to knitting or crocheting daily like I was in the past; it's more like a couple times a week.

    1. Yes. The holidays seems to suck the love out of it. I feels so slow to come back, but it will, eventually, right?! What are you doing in the meanwhile?

  5. I lost my interest in crocheting and knitting a year ago after my elderly dad fell and broke 5 ribs. The recovery was particularly long and his Alzheimer's got worse for a while. However I kept hoping to my crocheting group and untangled others yarn or used the ball winder for others or sat there with my project out but only visited. Anyway after a half year I slowly started to pick up my projects and work on them. By then my dad was stabilized and using a walker and was thinking better. Anyway once I finish up all my old projects I'll do some different projects than last year.
    Best wishes to you in following your heart to increased happiness.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. So glad to hear your dad is doing better. I wonder if just scrapping those old projects and moving on to new and fresh things will help fuel your mojo? I've gone through my stash to find some luxury yarn that I've been too afraid to use and that seems to me helping me get back into crocheting.