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Why buying the whole collection is better than buying a single pattern (sometimes)

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Are you a single pattern or whole collection kinda gal?

For me, when there is an option I'll choose the whole collection all the way.

Fun fact about me:

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I rarely buy individual patterns (which is totally weird thinking about it now since I sell single patterns in my Ravelry store), especially if the pattern I am after is part of a collection or magazine. Usually, there is more value in purchasing the whole collection rather than just the one pattern, such as the price and additional content.  

If I find a pattern on Ravelry I like and want to make, I immediately check to see if it's part of a collection (on the pattern page, this information will show up under the Published in section) because if I like this pattern, there's a good chance I'll like the others, right? Okay, well, that's my excuse. Don't judge me.

What are the advantages to buying a whole collection over a single pattern?

Lets break this down.

For one, price. Let's be honest, price is a huge factor. You will get a per pattern price break, meaning that each individual pattern in the collection will be significantly cheaper than buying all the patterns separately. Heck, it' will be cheaper than buying half of the patterns individually. Does that makes sense?

Doing the math.

Orchid Tee, Tian Connaughton, KnitDesigns by Tian
A single shawl pattern will run you about $6 on Ravelry.
A magazine (let's use I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting magazines as examples) has 30 high quality patterns, plus articles, tip, and tutorials priced at only $19.97/year for 6 issues. This works out to about $3.33 per issue. You get over 180 total patterns over a year. Each pattern will cost you just $0.11 each.

Granted, you won't love every pattern in every issue. Lawd, ain't that the truth. But the truth is, there are 180 patterns. With that type of volume, chances are you will find TONS you like. If you like just one pattern in each of the 6 issues in a year, you've already made back your investment, and some.

How to quickly gauge if you should get collection?

With a lot of magazines and collections, you can't buy the individual patterns for, sometimes, a year or years after the initial publication. So, if you really want the pattern and nothing else you have to wait for the publisher or designer to make the pattern available for individual sale.

If the collection or magazine has 2-3 patterns that you really like, done deal. With 2-3 patterns, I'm already getting a better price deal than buying each individually.

Also, I look to see if the collection has aspirational designs. You know, those patterns you love that you want to grow into. Those patterns you don't think you are quite ready to work up right now because you will need to develop some skills. For example, when I started knitting, I bought tons of Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines, not only for the projects I wanted to make immediately, but for those interesting designs that were beyond my skill level that I aspired to make. And now, years later when I see a design on Ravelry that I want to make it is so cool to discover it is in one of my old magazines marked as a pattern to come back to later when I was good enough.

P.S. I've added two bundles to my Ravelry store: Knit Shawl Collection and Crochet Shawl Collection.

Each collection includes 6 of my top selling and favorite shawl patterns, easily bundled for you at a 50% OFF discount. No coupon code needed.

Knit shawl bundle, Tian Connaughton. KnitDesigns by Tian

Click here for the Knit Shawl Collection and here for the Crochet Shawl Collection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me. Cheers!

Until next time... Stitch On!

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Are you an aspiring knit and crochet designer needing more help figuring our where to start?

Click here to get your printable PDF copy of Unlock Your Inner Designer: How to start designing (course + workbook)  

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